Vendo Blackberry Porsche / Apple iPhone 5 / BB TK Victory & BB Blade

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Add on BB Chat 24HRS: 2-7-9-7-2-3-8-A Skype ID : customer1stlimited Arabic Keyboard & English keyboard also comes with special VIP pin. BlackBerry Porsche Design P9981 Brand New Blackberry Blade Brand New Blackberry TK Victory ---------------------------------------------------------- Brand New Apple iPhone 5 HSDPA 4G LTE Unlocked Brand New Latest Macbook Pro 17 inch Brand New Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Brand New Samsung Galaxy S3 Brand New Apple iPad 3 + Wifi 4G 64GB Brand New Apple iPhone 4S 64GB Contact for more details on how to get it today. Email - : Chat - : Skype ID : customer1stlimited Add on BB Chat 24HRS: 2-7-9-7-2-3-8-A Peace Be Upon You

Nombre : Emran
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Telefonos : 0994786894

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