Brandnew Apple iPhone 5/Samsung Galaxy S3

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THANH MOBILE SHOP is a Mobile and Electronics Dealers All over the Middle East Country, We sell Blackberry Phones,Apple Iphones, Ipads, Samsung Galaxy SIII, HTC, Games, and Plasam TV Set. The Phones Are Brand New Original Unlocked and also made in CANADA,MEXICO, USA, TAIWAN, HUNGARY and FINLAND and can be used with any SIM card. No activation required : check carrier frequency requirements and also with QWERTY ENGLISH AND ARABIC KEYPAD. Wholesale discount: Buy 20 phones get 8 phones free Buy 10 phones get 4 phones free Buy 5 phones get 2 phones free Buy 2 phones get 1 phone free Blackberry TK Victory OS 10 Blackberry Blade OS 10 Blackberry Porsche DESIGN P'9981 with Special PIN BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 Samsung Galaxy SIII Apple iPhone 5 64GB Black& White Apple iPhone 5 32GB Black & White Apple iPhone 5 16GB Black& White Apple Ipad 3 4G 64GB Black & White Apple Iphone 4S 64GB Black & White Nokia N9 Add Skype: thanhibrahim Phone Number: +447024012446 SALES MANAGER: MR THANH IBRAHIM

Nombre : Thanh Ibrahim
Email :
Telefonos : 5551234567

Fecha de Publicacion: 23/11/2012 Precio: u$s 500.00

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